Thursday, 8 January 2009



A bad day today I feel, really frustrating and tilting. Seemed like every table I sat at I went down a buyin or two quickly and was just constantly chasing my losses. Also another day of hit n runs which is starting to seriously tilt me. The problem is there just aren't enough decent games to game select too much so I either have to take shots higher or play ppl who are looking to hit n run...tilt!

Played quite a bit today ~1000 hands and finished down around 5BI, which I know isn't bad for PLO HU, but I was down 13BI at one point and somehow managed to claw back a bunch.

Still no money on Expekt which is seriously tilting me, the race starts tomorrow and I want RB!!

Anyways, I'm off with The Goatian to play in a live NLHE game now, and then maybe a private game after that. Usually these games are £2+£2 with a £100 buy in. Hopefully there might be some PLO but I doubt it.

Just need to blow some steam off, and chuck some chips around...blargh!

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