Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Ok, so today went pretty well again, which is always nice. I stuck to 100PLO on PStars and ran decent. Seemed to be a theme of me stacking all the 'regs' for 2-3BIs after 30mins of playing them, whereas the fish often took 1BI off me pretty quick and then it was a case of freerolling against me, which is a tough spot to be in mentally. A lot of frustrating hit n runs at this level which I will just have to put up with...

My results for the day are ~800 hands and +$1,108 which puts my balance on PStars at $2,825.

I'm currently up 18BI over two days which is obv a sick winrate (esp as some of this profit is from 50PLO). I feel like I am playing good, and I am trying some new things out as well...I just hope that things stay this way for a while. I'm sure that 10BI days aren't sustainable in HU PLO so I'm making the most of a good thing.

The way things are going I hope to be up to 200PLO by Feb, but according to my guidelines I'm going to need ~$6,000-$8,000 before I make that jump, even if I feel I can win at that level.

As far as Expekt goes, I am having difficulties depositing on there right now which sucks massively as I'm not earning any rake back :o( I need to get that sorted tomorrow!!

Oh yeh, and Jamsym...I'm collecting on our prop bet early at this rate!

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